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Bodog Roots Premier League: Weekly Recap - Drawing curtains

A subliminal season in the Roots Premier League came to an end last week with teams going all the way to the shore to secure the top spot.

After intense battles fought over a span of 14 gameweeks that kept us on our toes, it is time to bid farewell to Roots Premier League at least for a while. The intent to secure the top spot was at it’s zenith in the final gameweek when the top two teams from each league went head to head in their respective encounters to seize their prize.

For now, we look at how teams fared, and which teams claimed top spot after the final whistle was blown in the final gameweek of the season.

FC Bandra finish at the top

Two scintillating goals from Ishaan Pujari for Bandra FC sealed the deal against The Superheroes FC. Bandra FC ended up winning the competition 3-1 and edged past Liverpool FC in the points table.

Bandra FC ended up in the first position while their arch rivals who managed to win their match in the final gameweek had to settle for the second spot with just a sole point separating them from the top spot.

Bandra (North): Bombay Kings: 1 (Hussain Badri 41st) drew with Bombay Titans: 1 (Jeet Dalal 10th); Liverpools FC: 2 (Daniel Knott 17th, 42nd) bt Bombay Daredevils: 1 (Rahul Sachdev 14th); West Coast Sharks: 4 (Karan Chugh 5th, 21st, Kaustubh Tallur 29th, Joel Winston 31st) bt Warriors: 1 (Yash Lath 32nd)

Knights FC emerge victorious

Despite a loss on the final gameday of the season against Bombaim FC, Knights FC emerged victorious in their respective league by topping the table with 29 points. The Bandra South league saw a stiff rivalry between Knights FC, Gladiators FC and After Eight FC with all three fighting vividly for the top spot throughout the season.

The second placed Gladiators FC also didn’t have a favourable result in their name as they had to settle with a draw against HRX FC.

Bandra (South): All Monsters: 0 lost to Huber’s Crunchers: 2 (Mohit Shetty 22nd, Sanchit Shetty 50th); After Eight FC: 1 (Preetam 13th) bt Rebels: 0; HRX FC: 2 (Numair Kazi 14th, Rishabh Lunia 31st) drew with Gladiators FC: 2 (Raghav Karol 11th, Ansh Patel 15th)

Ardell Wildcats pose a happy ending

Even though Ardell Wildcats claimed the top spot in Bandra Women’ League, the highlight of the final gameweek was the encounter between TGL Butterfly Squad and Bomb Bae FC.  The Butterfly squad netted six goals with Leah Poonawala scoring four goals in the match and single handedly taking her team towards victory.

The clash between the top two teams in the league i.e. Ardell Wildcats and Marv IX ended in a draw with Wildcats securing a point and claiming the top spot by the end.

Bandra (women): Wolfpack FC: 1 (Vyoma Ramaiya 24th) lost to MM Rockets: 4 (Prajakta 9th, Asmita 18th, Kimberly Fernandes 20th, 23rd); Ardell Wildcats: 1 (Levanah Samuel 40th) drew with Marv IX: 1 (Shemchui 27th)

In the meantime, make sure you check out the Bodog Roots Premier League website for all the latest news, scores, media and much more!