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Can McTominay be United’s ray of light in dark times?

A struggling Manchester United desperately seek a hero within their starting XI, and 22-year-old Scott McTominay is showing early signs of being a possible saviour.

With three wins, a loss and a draw from their last five fixtures, Manchester United have only managed to score four goals and their wins have been by margins slimmer than a cat’s whisker.

The 2-0 defeat to West Ham United further lowered the team’s confidence and a win on penalties against a weak Rochdale AFC side, after giving up a 1-0 lead in the 76th minute, only made the feeling worse for the Red Devils faithful.

However, with all the problems lingering around Ole and his boys, the club saw a new ray of hope in young Scottish midfielder Scott McTominay, who provided a stunner against Arsenal in a 1-1 draw last Monday — his season’s first goal at Old Trafford.


Manchester United and Scotland have had a glorious past, from when Sir Alex Ferguson turned them into one of England’s biggest football clubs. Today, six years after his retirement, the team has once again found a strand of hope in another Scotsman.

He has been at the club ever since he was five and made his way into the team when Jose Mourinho oversaw the team. McTominay, straight out of the Manchester United Football Academy, has now found a permanent spot in the team.


Born in Lancaster and coming from humble beginnings, the midfielder may not be as popular in terms of goal-scoring celebrations or social media hype as compared to say Paul Pogba or Jesse Lingard, but he certainly makes it up for it in determination. The game he played on Monday night against Arsenal proved to be more effective than any Man United player on the pitch.

After his season’s first goal, he kept threatening the Gunners’ mid-field and defence with calculative tackles and attacking creativity during the game.


Scott may have miles to cover before he can be called a star player, but he certainly is a first choice midfielder while Ole picks out the best of the lot from the academy. McTominay is certainly creating a wave of excitement among the fans as they watch him carry the team while the rest of the players are lost in confusing tactics.

He can already inspire Marcus Rashford, Lingard, Pogba and Anthony Martial to start attempting more shots on the opposition’s goal post than dribble away aimlessly. Irrespective of whoever manages the Red Devils in the future, if Scott is in the team, he could very well be a preferred choice for team captain in days to come.