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King Kohli’s fashionably late arrival to the #BottleCapChallenge

‘Better late than ever’ is what Virat Kohli had to say about leaving it so late, and we can only agree after watching this video!

As we’ve previously covered, the #BottleCapChallenge made a huge splash with social media last month. For the uninitiated, it involved unscrewing a bottle with a perfectly-placed roundhouse kick across the edge of the cap. It truly uncorked the competitive desires of the acrobatically-inclined and so it was only fitting that sportspersons, being as limber and agile as they are, took special interest in the challenge.

Among them were cricketers Shikhar Dhawan and Yuvraj Singh, whose attempts we featured in our best bottlecap challenges of July round-up. But the king of Indian cricket Virat Kohli decided to leave it till August to partake in the competition. It’s totally understandable, what with the World Cup taking up all his time in the first half of July, and the second half spent in quiet contemplation over the loss to New Zealand in the semi-final!

Whatever his reasons for the delay, we’re certainly glad he finally got around to it.

Unlike the other attempts mentioned, where Dhawan and Singh merely hit the ball with their bat with the aim to knock the bottle over, Kohli’s version actually follows the spirit of the challenge, which is unscrewing the cap.

As the video starts, we notice Kohli’s intent gaze at the bottle standing before him, as if it were not a bottle but a living, breathing Trent Boult bearing down on him.

We are also provided with the fine oratory of India coach Ravi Shastri, reliving his days in the commentary booth. After starting off by saying, “He’s a got a wide range of shots, what is he doing to do?” he finishes it off with, “Oh, what a shot that is, a flick of the wrist and way she goes, what a shot!”

After pulling it off, Kohli takes a swig from the bottle and winks at the camera. Let’s hope he faces off against West Indies later this evening in the second ODI with the same aplomb!

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