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Top 5 big money player transfers completed this summer

When it comes to the world of football, change is the only constant. Every football season brings in a fresh new change with players being transferred from one club to another, often accompanied with a hefty fee. Summer transfers bring in the maximum excitement and attention with clubs taking drastic measures to ensure their victory or survival in the upcoming season. 

Along with a player’s talent, transfers are also decided based on their popularity, their marketing capability, their fit with the existing team and a whole gamut of other factors. With transfer fees increasing rapidly with clubs trying their best to attract the players at the top of the game, it comes as no surprise that billions are spent in a combination of transfers almost every season. Here we take a look at our top 5 summer transfers this football season. 

Joao Felix, £113 million

Joao Felix
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The young forward was in demand as several clubs tried to swoop after his brilliant performances for Benfica. While a lot of Premier League clubs wanted to add this teenager to their squad, it was ultimately Atletico Madrid that agreed to pay Benfica’s asking price of £113 million, placing him at the top of the expensive transfers list of Portuguese players. 

Felix had a great season last year with 20 goals and 11 assists. At Atletico Madrid, Felix will don the #7 shirt, previously associated with Antoine Griezmann. The contract is expected to last till 2026 with Atletico eagerly looking forward to the new season. 

Eden Hazard, £88 million

Eden Hazard
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In a surprising twist, Chelsea has lost Belgian midfielder Eden Hazard, to Real Madrid in a deal worth £88 million. Hazard had reportedly been looking to move on from his current club and Madrid provided him with the perfect fit. He had been with Chelsea since 2012, getting the club a whole lot of success in these years. During Hazard’s tenure, the club won two Premier League titles, two Europa League titles and an FA Cup and League Cup title. His new contract with Real Madrid will continue for the next five seasons, until June 30, 2024. 

Speaking about Hazard, Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia said that they wanted him to stay and communicated the same to him but respected Eden’s decision to take on a new challenge in a different country and follow his childhood dream of playing for Real Madrid. Further, they thanked the player for the wonderful memories and victories while also commenting on his professionalism as a player and an individual. Even though Stamford Bridge hopes to welcome him back one day, it will be exciting to see how well he fits in Madrid and the performance of the club this season. 

Tanguy Ndombele, £55 million

Tanguy Ndombele
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Arguably one of the most exciting deals this summer has been the transfer of brilliant midfielder Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon to Tottenham. Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has been known to be one of the toughest people in the industry when it comes to his players, but when it came to Ndombele, he seemed open to the idea of a transfer. The decision may have been supported by the fact that the midfielder shared the decision of wanting a change. However, true to his nature, Aulas only agreed to a transfer after Lyon had a suitable replacement in place. This of course came in the way of another star midfielder, Thiago Mendes of Lille. 

For Tottenham, the addition of Ndombele is an exciting start to the season with the team riddled with injuries in the past. This midfielders command of the ball and superior technique in passing the ball in the midst of a tight game is exactly what Mauricio Pochettino is hoping can bring the team back this season. Ndombele is also the first player signed by Tottenham in over a year, the last arrival being in January 2018. 

Matthijs De Ligt, £67 million

Matthijs De Ligt
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De Ligt was in high demand this season with every club hoping to get this 19-year old on their roster. Formerly Ajax captain, several clubs tried to wine and dine the player till he finally set his sights on the Italian club, Juventus in one of the most expensive deals for a teenager. A powerful player and exceptional centre-back, De Ligt led Ajax to several victories including one against Juventus which took Ajax to the final four in the Champions League. 

Now a part of Juventus, thanks to a £67 million deal, this young star will play under the tutelage of Maurizio Sarri, another new name in the Italian squad. The deal is said to be payable over five years with a potential cost margin of about £9.4 million. With big names such as Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini already in the Italian line-up, the addition of De Ligt is sure to give Juventus a fabulous upcoming season. 

Antoine Griezmann, £108 million

Antoine Griezmann
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In a whopping transfer worth £108 million, French forward Antoine Griezmann has made the move from Atletico Madrid to FC Barcelona. The player had been considering a move and the Catalan giants finally swooped a year late, signing ‘Griez-lightning’ to a five-year contract. With a spectacular last season of 21 goals and 10 assists, Barcelona couldn’t be more thrilled about their move to acquire Griezmann. 

However, the transfer is being contested by former club Atletico that claim that the deal was done before the activation of the release clause which could mean the cost ballooning to nearly £160 million!


The dynamic nature of football is what keeps the game so exciting for fans. With each season, changes in the teams often cause changes in loyalty for fans that support a player over a club. With these summer transfers already costing billions, it will be fun to see how they play out on the field.