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Top five football boots of 2019

The onset of the 2019/20 football season has also brought with itself a whole new series of boots for players to get comfortable in.

If the field is a battle ground, football boots are the armour players keep close to themselves. While some have their own customized range, the others sport the most agile and fresh pair of boots giving them all the strength to outperform their opponents. The brands have blessed us with some beautiful boots with a new campaign focusing on limited editions, new generation silos and heritage heroes.

A new season and a new kit can only be complemented by a new pair of boots. Here we bring you the top five of those pairs that had perfection oozing through them.


Neymar Jr. is now Nike’s flagbearer for their signature series, Mercurial. With the CR7 series far from over, but the timing of Neymar’s limited-edition boots couldn’t have been better. The NJR Silencio have the ‘Shhh’ printed across the upper half of the boot for a unique aesthetic.


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Shhh 🤫 … calma, não estou mandando ninguém calar a boca ou ficar em silêncio, isso vai da maneira como você interpreta as coisas. Minha interpretação é o seguinte… “Shhh” é pra mim, pro meu foco, pro que eu quero dentro de campo, respirar fundo e seguir tentando sempre. Essa é a forma e o porque eu tenho tatuado esse significado no dedo. Minha nova chuteira tem esse significado especial agora, infelizmente não posso usar ela agora, mas logo menos voltarei a ter ela nos meus pés !!! @nike . ‘Shhh 🤫 … calm down’. When I say this, I’m not telling anyone else to be silent – it’s all about how you interpret things. My interpretation is that the ‘Shhh’ is for me, to allow me to focus, to silence the noise and think about what I want to do on the pitch, to take a deep breath and to keep trying. That’s why I have it tattooed on my finger. My new boots have this special meaning, too. Unfortunately, I can’t use them yet, but soon I’ll have them on my feet! @nikefootball

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The unique style of his play without giving two cents about his critics is evident in the Silencio as well. ‘Shhh’ is taken from a tattoo that Neymar has on the inside of his index finger, so when he puts it to his lips, you know who the jibe is for. This is the third signature Nike design for the Brazilian with the Nike sign in blood red popping with matching stud tips. What adds the flavor to the boot is ‘Neymar’ branding on the heels accompanied by a crown and diamond symbol.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s reach undoubtedly knows no boundaries. The sportswear giant Nike has unveiled the limited edition Mercurial Superfly ‘Shuai’ especially for the Madeira born striker. Hailed as one of the greatest footballers to ever grace the sport, the craze for his boots is immense as well.

The word ‘Shuai’ means ‘looking good’ in Cantonese which clearly epitomizes Ronaldo’s presence both on and off the pitch. With a vibrant beautiful blue design, the boot clearly stands out among the rest. The 34-year-old forward was seen wearing it in the pre-season game against Inter Milan in China. This one clearly is an ode to China from Juventus’ number seven.


The best seller this season must be the ‘Under the Radar’ Mercurial edition which arrived only last season in a stealthy black look. The new-generation boot in an all-black suit with subtle Nike branding is purely a thing of beauty. Black boots always work and if we go by history, they will be the most worn boots of the season.

Nike have introduced a new tenacity yarn which is significantly lighter in weight and adds a layer of strength to the boot. This one will be lifted off the counters sooner than you can count your chickens.


Nike Phantom VNM has quickly established itself as one of the best boots currently on the market. This one sounds like an inspiration from one of Coldplay’s song ‘Yellow’ as the boots strikes a bright yellow outing, with a black swoosh and signature Nike detailing ‘Just do it’ along the heel adding the final punch and completing the look.

The ‘New Lights’ have received praise from the players citing the boots looks and comfort, giving them exactly what they were wishing for. This one too will be a fan favourite soon.


This boot really goes by its name and dazzles you. After witnessing players across Europe such as Sergio Ramos and Virgil Van Dijk sporting this insane design, Nike finally made the boots public. The ‘Dazzle Camo’ gives a pixelated look which enhances its uniqueness that other boots lack. The tongue, laces and insole are kept in a black and grey colour which matches the chaotic pattern perfectly.

This one is for the cameras and will surely be a collector’s item going down the line.

Photo Courtesy: Nike Football (Soccer) / Instagram        

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