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Fantasy Premier League: Newcomers to the fore

Gameweek 8 saw fresh blood bubble to the top of the points, as FPL managers were handsomely rewarded for their brave picks. Heading into the international break, FPL managers who…


Fantasy Premier League: Thrifty and nifty picks for Gameweek 8

As the Premier League proceeds into the Gameweek 8 come Saturday, FPL managers have begun to analyse the best and most affordable picks for their team. Gameweek 8 has some…


Fantasy Premier League: A new Gameweek, a new City

Leicester City had a productive day in the FPL points during Gameweek 7, to put it lightly. Leicester City had a weekend to remember, as they pummeled Newcastle thoroughly, and…


Fantasy Premier League: Ivorian appeal

FPL managers have a lot to think about ahead of Gameweek 7 and we do our best to pick out the best deals. Gameweek 7 holds a lot of interesting…


Fantasy Premier League: A sky-blue wash

Manchester City starred in Gameweek 6, as FPL managers who banked on the Sky Blues reaped plenty of reasons to be happy about. If there’s one thing Gameweek 6 will…


Fantasy Premier League: A few unconventional picks for a tricky week

There are some interesting matchups to look forward to in Gameweek 6, but quite a few headscratchers too. Gameweek 6 has some exciting prospects in store for Fantasy Premier League…


Fantasy Premier League: Back from the break

Raring to get back at it after a week of inaction, the FPL managers had a lot to ponder over for Gameweek 5 of the Premier League. With the international…


Fantasy Premier League: Return of the Kings

An absence of football action on the English frontier may have dulled things down for a bit, but with Gameweek 5 coming up this weekend, the heroes of the league…


Fantasy Premier League: The storm before the calm

Braces were a common theme for the best performers of Gameweek 4 as many FPL managers’ faith got rewarded with some consistent plays. With Gameweek 4 in the books, the…


Fantasy Premier League: Showdown at the Emirates

Gameweek 4 will see a classic confrontation play out in North London, while some of the impressive performers from the past week will look to continue going strong. The highlight…


5 Costliest Stallions That Were Ever Sold

Horses are an expensive business – this fact is what has often led to horse racing and owning of stallions to be associated exclusively with the…


Top hubs for the casino lovers of the world

A casino-dominated city is a gambler’s paradise. While the luxurious indulgence of gambling isn’t for everyone, it is an enjoyable experience for those who do love it! Betting…