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10 of the happiest countries in the world

For any country to be truly successful – the quality of life enjoyed by the citizens has to be top notch. While politicians can be often seen scrambling…


Scenic places in India for a photoshoot

These days, whether it is a meal or a vacation, it seems like no activity can take place without it being recorded on Instagram. People click pictures with…


Iconic Film Locations you can visit on your next vacation

One of the major features that add to the grandiosity of a scene in a movie is the location. Awe-inspiring views and breath-taking landscapes can transform the scene…


A Celebration of Motorsport – Celebrating 1000 Formula 1 Races and looking forward to the rest

F1, or Formula 1, has been a loved sport since its inception in 1950. From leading automobile brands and world-class precision drivers, the past few years have given…


GoT fever takes over the marketing world

When HBO decided to take on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy books and convert them into a series, no one probably expected the massive global impact it would have…


On a journey with Elon Musk

Known as the world’s leading inventor, innovator, and even real-life Iron Man – Elon Musk has achieved several milestones in his life, the most notable mention being Tesla.


The glitz and glamour at Coachella 2019

Nothing quite combines glamour, music, and style like the world’s most popular summer concert – Coachella. Along with great music and fabulous fun, this is also the place…


Go Anywhere, Shoot Pro

Gone are the days of digital cameras and the much-hyped DSLRs to capture every precious moment. Where once cameras were the constant companion of people on vacations or…


The end of an era – Avengers: Endgame

One of the most highly awaited movies this year is without a doubt Avengers: Endgame. This isn’t just a movie but the conclusion to almost a decade worth…


The blueprint- Jay Z’s custom $2 million Richard Mille and why it is a work of art

Luxury watches have taken over a whole new meaning in recent years with the elite spending millions on their favourite accessory. From diamonds to emeralds along with masterful precision, these…


The finest beers money can buy – Indian edition

The summer sun is here and for a lot of people nothing beats the heat than a nice chilled bottle of lager. Whether it is after a long day or…


The month of superheroes

In the last few years, Hollywood has seemed to understand the power of a superhero film at the box office. Whether it was DC’s Batman or Marvel’s X-Men or Avengers,…